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Toots And The Maytals

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Stick it up, mister!
Hear what i say, sir, yeah...
Get your hands in the air, sir!
And you will get no hurt, mister, no no no

I said yeah
What did i say?
Don't you hear? i said yeah (yeah yeah)
Listen to what i say (what i say)

Do you believe i would take something with me
And give it to the police man?
I wouldn't do that, now listen to me one more time
I wouldn't do that

And if i do that, i would say "sir, put the charge on me"
I wouldn't do that
No, i wouldn't do that

I'm not a fool to hurt myself
So i was innocent of what they done to me
They was wrong
Listen to me, they were wrong

Give it to me one time
Give it to me two time
Give it to me three time
Give it to me four time

54 46 was my number
Right now, someone else has that number

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