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Tinie Tempah

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Man, f-ck them other rappers
I don't hear no-one thats sounding good
Call me the wolf, i got a little red riding hood
When we in the club, women try to push and try to look
If the drink don't do it, than i bet them f-cking diamonds would
I'm off the rails, n-gga i'm a head case
Tryna take it to another level like a stair case
Traded in a thousand times to be a millionaire mate
I take off and land in a very private air space

Okay, i'm crazy and insane, crazy and deranged
I'm so far ahead they tryna chase me in a train
Got them other rappers feeling lazy and ashamed
You know you're doing something right when jay-z knows your name
And i aint bothered by the fame but i'm addicted to this lifestyle
Girls so starstruck she write her number twice down
All i see is numbers i don't f-cking waste time n-gga
All i do is numbers call me 789!

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