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Black Ceezar

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International impact was maximum
Took a hiatus he back again
Be all you can be is all they asked of him
Joe fraziered his way out the corner they backed him in
No broke bones, minimum bruises, few scraps
Still endured a lot shit you cant
Chest out walk tall
Said fucked the world and walked off
Left the game cold turkey. retreated to his fortress of solitude
Concentrated on trying to be a more solid dude
Six words to describe him, struggle over came it still breathing.
So many people in his life passed and they still leaving
Even when he awake he can still see em
Never cocky, his modesty got arrogance fused
In a battle before anybody even spits he done already buried the dude
A few chicks in life thought they would probably marry the dude
Came second place when comparing em to
His hopes, his visions, his dreams
The goal, the mission, the gleam
In his eyes done dwindled
Hes losing steam, can it be so simple
Only those who know his music can hear it
Its undetected by the naked ear and
He still spits effortless
He can still make something hot without putting any effort to it
And hes left to his own devices
Lonely nights
Listening to his own advice
Its your life
You gon give in or you gon fight
Do what you do homie, its only right
Get back to the music
This the resurrection, the rebirth the recantation the ba'ath movement
S.o.n.n, soul of art black music
Real hip hop i dont give yall that rap music
Real music when you hear it
Six more words to describe him, you cant contain a free spirit

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