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Date de parution : 02/09/2008

Durée : 0:03:33

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Tha black devils's back i gotta step into da mix
Sum brand new shit and the 666
I should reck shit

Shit get recked
When i hit the stage with the fuck you extpecked

Don't be a mutha fucking 2 timeing bitch
I'm not a cross over and don't plan to switch
I rock and rythim
Like i wuz i witch
9 died bodies throne in the ditch
U wanna drive my wild then come test my style

I'll cut yo head off and through in the pile
I'm vearse a tile
A voodo child
Don't sweat tha tecknike

But peep tha the teck style
Get wickit 'cause i'm raising hell
Do it just as well to bust a brain sell
The unholy's yo man

666 and mic in my hand

666 and a mic in my(repeat 4 x)

The u.n.h.o.l.y flows is what i drop
Cut you head off then fuck you so i now where the heads at
Slipin my dick in side a wet one

After i buss my nutt i gorge jetson
And leave no doubt
I'll kick my foot up you ass
And kick yo fucking pussy out

I'm not a romantic
Deadly ropantic
I'm a pshicatic lunatic skitso frantic
I got a tatoo of a dick on my foot
So when i kick you on the ass i'll be fucking you up too!
So roll with me roll with me
If a chop off yo head the police gonna come get me
I got a axe for all tha new jacks
So when i swing i'll know where yo head's at!

666 and a mic and my hand(repeat 4 x)

I'm the mista with the musical magic
Deadly represser but it's still kind of bad shit
I can get funky too
And jump in the pit like honkey too
But i'm no white boy
I'll slit yo throat
In the middle of the night boy
Killas don't talk or stalk the streets

I'm like a canibal
Cookin sum dead meat
I'm down with r.l.p!

25 preachers in a church couldn't save me
I roll like manic
They say i'm insane for that
Rapp brainiack

Listen to da fucking drama
I listen to the screams of the musical jeffery doma
But u don't under stand
You can't kill a dead man

666 and a mic in my hand(repeat 4 x)

666 666 666 666!
666 666 666 666!
666 666 666 666!
And a mic in my hand!!

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