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Lord what have you done
I see the old man standing in the sand
In this beautiful land,
But there's nothing around
Something's goin' on / something's goin' on
He spends most of his time looking to the far away skies
He still seems to have a light that shines inside his deep blue eyes
They say he's trying to follow the steps of the riders in heaven
But there're no riders in the land, for there's nothing around

Something's goin' on / something's goin' on
He's waiting for a silent signal that no one but him would ever understand
He concentrates a while for something to appear here in this wonderland
And suddenly you can see that the black dog is here too
He finds the melody in you

You smile, you touch the heart of gold,
You sure you didn't notice there was a lady in front of you.
And then emotions come into your soul from all directions
And then your heart of gold is splitting in seven dimensions
And then the land of desolation is turning to heaven
Is this love, is this love that you feel inside of you
And then the riders zooming in from other nation
And if it all suddenly burns up like the end of a fever
Is it love, is it love that gives your heart a taint of joy
D'you feel the revolution
When the lady is standing in front of you
D'you feel the revolution when the lady's here ?
Something's coming on
I see the end of the road
Is this love ?

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