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Bumping kaytranada straight out of the studi monos
Smooth erotic, frank sinatra baby do me proper
I'm only human, this lonely music is food for thought, i
Got a lot of cravings, punani nana, punani nana
Punani nana again i guess i got goonie wants, i
Guess that means they'll never die so whatever, like que sera, i
Also plan to live forever etch my name engraved in time, by
Virtue of this music shit, just press record i'll make it pop off

You lames are not hot, swallow a lot of that filler trash it's
Like a never ending ego feeding frenzy filthy habit
Built to last and get my name a spot atop that milly map it's
Hard when you're surrounded by a bunch of fuckin trendy halfwits
You silly rabbit, chasin lettuce, such a vacant fetish
80 breaths away from death let's make a bet- won't pay for heaven
That man made thing that made man? what a strange investment
We wage the present, wasting seconds on a paper presence

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