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Stephen Leonard

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If i had only seven possessions

I'd want a golden ticket home
For whenever i needed
To be grounded by the roots that tell me
All have is all i need
To walk with you

And i'd have all the lost photographs
So i can see what i can't seem to remember now
So i can laugh with you

I'd want something strong to hold onto
Like a branch from a tree
That both man and god planted for me

If i live to ever say i do
Then i hope for a honest heart
That beats a simple tune
One that i can hum
One that i can strum along to

I'd have a slice of strawberry pie
To indulge in
To be free
To give into a weakness that has seeped into my needs

I'd have a coat
For when breath is visible
To keep me warm
To keep me safe from wind and rain
To cover you if your sleeves get torn away

If i had only one more possession...


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