Paroles de 800 pound jesus

Sawyer Brown

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Date de parution : 12/09/2006

Durée : 0:02:54

Style : Country

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I saw a garage sale
Pulled up in the yard
Found a statue of jesus
It was eight feet tall
He held out his arms
And he seemed all alone
So i loaded him up
And drove him home

Out by my driveway he
Looks down the street
With his long hair and sandals made
Of rebar and concrete
I painted him white with a long purple robe
He's a rock of ages on our gravel road

He's an eight-hundred pound jesus
Standing taller than a tree
He's an eight-hundred pound jesus
A bigger man than you or me

I thought loosin' my job was
The end of the world
Till my best pal ran off with my best girl
I felt suicidal with no real friends
So i walked outside with a rope in my hand

Out by that statue there's a big old tree
So i stood on his shoulders
And i counted to three
I had every intention of buying the farm
But when i jumped off he caught me in his arms


I wanted to return the favor to him
Cause i never had a more solid friend
So i planted some flowers
All around his feet
And i bought him a flock
Of ceramic sheep


He's a bigger man
Than you or me

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