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Pete Bernhard

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Do ever wonder why we play these games?
Cause i always have to be somebody to blame.
Don't like walking along the edge of this knife
Some things are so bad that you got to do em twice
Aint that right?
Do you ever get lonely goin against the grain?
You should know that i feel the same.
Burning higher than the falling angels tonight
But itll all be over by the morning light
Could be bitter like the blues or sweeter than the sugar cane.
I remember the day that you walked on by,
I went crazy, outta my mind.
Never could find the stones to apologize.
Hope that ya know when i look you straight in the eye.
Do ya ever get lonely sometimes with what's his name?
I'll be back this way again.
You were burning hotter than the falling angels that night
And it was all over by the morning light.
It was bitter like the blues but sweeter than sugar cane.
Turns out the thieves are not princes.
Junkies aren't kings.
Get on get a black rose and a diamond ring.
Starving wolves now they don't treat you right,
You can't do that yourself any given night.
Do you ever get lonely livin outta range
Maybe someday we can change
Burning hotter than the falling angels tonight
And it'll all be over by the morning light
Whether its bitter like the blues it's sweeter than the sugar cane

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