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I'm always wondering why everybody goes so fast, i love us like goodbye, it dosen't seem to last, so can't we take our time, stretch it out anticipate. the day we cross the line. oh, it will be so worth the wait.
I swear it, i swear it, i swear it, i swear it, i'll prove it 97ways,

In the way i kiss your lips, in the way i kiss you face, my hands upon your hips as we slowly dance in place. in the way i stroke your skin, til ya fell like it's ablaze, soon as we give in i'm gonna prove it 97ways

We owe ourselves the best, althuogh i'm sure your it, it's sort of like a test, to chill a little bit, i'll think of what's to come, holding back i'm hesitate, and when it's finally done. oh, will be so worth the wait the wait,
I swear it 4x, i'll prove it 97ways


Vers. 3
As hard as this is gonna be, for you it gonna be for me, but understand come on and try, please, with you i'm not just hooking up, it's something more, it's really love, so let me prove to you, to me you're special


I'm gonna prove it 97 ways 2x

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