Paroles de A-ba-ni-bi

Izhar Cohen

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a-ba-ni-bi o-bo-he-bev ...

Oh when i was a little child my days were happy free and wild but when in love
I couldn't say the words i wanna say today.

Those words were always spinning in my head
I used to whisper them at night in bed and when alone
I didn't try to hide those magic words i kept inside.

A-ba-ni-bi o-bo-he-bev ...

Love is kind love is all around it's a lovely sound lost and found love is free love's been good to me i'm in love i'll survive 'cause the language of love is alive.

A-ba-ni-bi o-bo-he-bev ...

I wanna say the words of yesterday
I wanna love you in the same old way the words of love are coming close to shore so let me say them more and more.

A-ba-ni-bi o-bo-he-bev