Paroles de A bible & a gun

Steve Earle

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There's a full moon out tonight
And it's shining down on me
And in that purest light
Any fool could see

That this highway is paved with sorrow
And every mile is lined with pain
And when the sun comes up tomorrow
You'll be just as far away

Now i hear her whisper soft and low
Through every mile i run
As i travel through this world of woe
With a bible and a gun

If a man was made to suffer
I'm a mighty man i know
From one heartache to another
I've been burning down this road

I've got one eye on the mirror
And one eye on the line
The end keeps growing nearer
The past slips behind

I don't mean to hurt nobody
I don't mean to do no wrong
But something out there's got me
And it's pulling me along

Darkness is my shelter
Emptiness, my light
And stranger, heaven help you
If our paths cross tonight

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