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The Chieftains

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Date de parution : 23/11/1987

Durée : 0:03:45

Style : World

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Ph trouz zou ar en doar
Ph kan a glean me
Na kaeret er boehie e za lein eun n
Eled, lavaret demb eit petra e kannet?
Pene ted ar z e zou arri er bed?

Arnet ee genemb kannet pobl ag en doar?
Ewan de laret dho eun n ted hemb par
Eur mabig beniget rou a jerusalem
E zo gannet eit-ho r gr a vethlem


What noise on earth?
Who is singing for me and who i am hearing
How much i like these voices who sing in the skies
And what do they say in their song?
What is new that happened on earth?

We hear the people sing on earth
I come to tell you that in the sky there is something beyond compare
A small child blessed, king of jerusalem
And who was born for them (the people) in the town of bethlehem

Translated by nolwenn monjarret

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