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The Kopecky Family Band

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I watch the sky for something nice,
When no one seems to bother me,
Theres are awful sounds and frightful sights
And no one sees the problem here,
Its not picturesque though i hear sounds of victory,
I lost a friend and part of me,


Oh god, cant you see?
Theres nothing left of me.
Oh god, answer me.
Am i just a casualty?


My mother prays my soul to keep,
Maybe someone heard her plea,
The shameless stride the bells will ring
Always what will be will be
A missing link?
I thought id be all alone,
And now im shackled from the feet,
And the she prays,
God cant you see?
He is the best of me,
Oh god, are you listening?
Will you bring him home to me?

Oh god, cant you see!?
Oh god, are you listening!?
Oh god, answer me!
Am i just a casualty!?
Theres nothing (nothing) left of me,
Theres nothing (nothing) left of me.

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