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Date de parution : 08/08/2013

Durée : 0:04:16

Style : Heavy Metal

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Faustus begin thine incantations,
Take good care to draw thy circle true,
By god must you prevail
For if you fail these
Demons make a meal of you.

Your soul shall be their meat
A kingly feast for them to eat,
Beware your future at hand,
Alas for thou art dammed.

"faustus seek repentance,
Abjure this evil art,
Cease this wretched wickedness
And cleans thy foolish heart,
For the evil that once served you
Has made of you a slave,
And transformed your bed of roses'
To a premature grave."

Then in a mighty flash of light
Before thee mephistopheles appears.

"i charge thee go and change thy shape,
For you fill my soul with fear.
Now swift-as-hell back to the fire
Return an old franciscan friar."

"mortal command me while you can,
For surely thou art dammed."

"faustus be thou resolute
In what thou wilst perform,
Ignore these righteous idiots
Their trinity to scorn,
For years of depravation you receive eternal life,
But fame and wealth and maidens-fair
Are by far the better price."

"temptations all around me,
Is there nowhere i can turn?
Hellfire is all about me,
Now i know that i shall burn,
I face excommunication for the error
Of my ways - to burn in hell for all my days.
Bell, book and candle, candle, book, bell,
Forwards and backwards to damn me to hell.

Jehova i beg thee have mercy on my soul.
Be gone foul beast that stands before me,
My god! the midnight hour chimes,
Oh lord have mercy he comes for me,
I haven't got much time.
I am awake this is no dream,
I cry - but terror takes my scream,
And now my future is at hand,
Also for i am dammed."

"think for just one moment
And i'm sure that you will see,
The moral of this story -
That what shall be must be.
He who gives his soul to hell,
Must dare to pay the price,
He versed in divinity must
Live a noble life -
Or else he is damned!

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