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Shake! shake!

Don't go
I believe in a celebration
I believe you set me free
I believe you can loose this chains
I believe you can dance with me
Dance with me

Shake! shake!
Shake! shake!

I believe in the third world war
I believe in the atomic bomb
I believe in the powers that be
But they won't overpower me

And, and you can go there too
And, and you can go go go go

Shake! shake!
Shake! shake!

And we dance out of time
And everything goes 'round and 'round

And we don't have the time
To watch the world go tumbling down

Go! go!

I believe in the bells of christchurch
Ringing for this land
I believe in the cells of mountjoy
There's an honest man

And, and you can go there too
And, and you can go go go go

I believe in the walls of jericho (and you...)
I believe they're coming down (can go there too)
I belive in this city's children (and you...)
I believe the trumpet's sound (can go go go go)

And you can go there too
And you can go go go go...

I believe in what i'm doing
What am i doing here...

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