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Cryptic Wintermoon

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Who is to blame for what they have done
Wind was their seed and their harvest was storm
Unleashed powers darker than black
Cloacked the world in winter

The sky turnes black and the sea turned red
Almost the way the bible said
There wont be a god to save you now
When darkness arrives

None of your prayers can stop the darkness to come
Opened the gate to the world of the awesom
They have passed the point of no return
In hell they shall burn

Nightfall - there wont be a god to save
When death calls - it will turn your world into a grave
Blodshed - seas of blood are going to be spilled
Lifeless - until all human life is killed

Blood sacrificed formed a bridge to hell
I am the last one for this story to tell
The plague started and the dead arrived
Now closing in

Mankind fading a new coming race
Sweeping humans from this planets surface
Now i can see death is about to come
What have they done

Come with me - into a world of darkness and hate
Can`t you see - mankind is not ment to be forever

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