Paroles de A crash of rhinoceros

Carrie Newcomer

pochette album A crash of rhinoceros
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Date de parution : 03/05/2010

Durée : 0:03:05

Style : Contemporary Folk

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When adam when out to name the animals
He sat on a rock and he figured
A horse and a cow and a goat and a sheep
Were the best names that he could deliver

But eve looked around at all of that glory
Said, "hon, i think we should consider
Something a bit more unique and refined
For each and every critter"

It's a crash of rhinoceros, a pomp of pekinese
It's a gaggle of geese and a swarm of bees
A parliament of owl and gam of whale
A pandemonium of parrot and a watch of nightingale

A huddle of walrus, company of moles
Exultation of lark and a murder of crow
A simple flock sheep and a herd of deer
It's a bask of crocodiles, sleuth of bear

Adam looked shocked and he scratched his head
Eve stood there, happy and beaming
The animals gathered in close to their feet
With roars of delight, barks and singing

She's on a roll and just getting started
The birds and the beasts held their breath
What fine appellation would they receive
And which one of them would be the next?

It's a team of oxen and a mob of kangaroo
It's a charm of finch if there are more than two
A troubling of goldfish, cluster of cats
A bloat of hippopotami, a cloud of bats

Ostentation of peacock, a barren of mules
An army of ant, nursery of raccoon
A parcel of penguin and a dray of squirrels
A bed of oysters with or without the pearls

All of that naming lasted into the night
Until even the insects had groupings
Eve was still bright eyed and willing to finish
Though her shoulders and fig leaves were drooping

Adam said, "darling, i'm proud and amazed
You're really one heck of a woman
So let's go to sleep and tomorrow we'll rise
And start naming rocks, plants and woodlands"

It's a tittering of magpie, company of mole
It's a pride of lions and a tribe of goats
A plague of locust and a pack of dogs
A leap of leopard, an array of hedgehog

It's a caravan of camels, a drift of swan
A sulk of foxes and the list goes on
It's a prickle of porcupine, a battery of hen
A cohort of zebra, now once again

It's a colony of rabbit and a sounder of boar
An ambush of tiger, now just a little more
It's a business of ferret, a swarm of eels
A covey of quail and a pod of seals

It's a parade of elephant, a dole of dove
A bale of turtles and all of them i love

And she kissed the horde of hamsters
On their furry little heads
Sighed with satisfaction and she went to bed

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