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It's just a day in the life of a g from dallas, day in the life for me
All day in the studio banging these beats all night running in these streets

Verse 1

Nigga roll the weed up
Shit's about to heat up
Hit the club dipped looking for a dip to beat up
It's saturday so you know i had to clean the jeep up
I see ya, fake niggas try your best to keep up
But it's a mission impossible mutha fuckas let's be logical
And keep that courage you got stirring in the bottle
Or it'll be granted
Nigga your death wish for fuckin with me, unlike your dirt weed seeds, you'll be planted
I got flocks and flocks of hard rocks to start an avalanche
And enough hoes to give all you hoes a table dance
You can call me hypnotist under the circumstance
Strangeluv leaving all you bitches in a trance

Verse 2

I'm taking off like i'm taking over
When you see me in the rover
In the fast lane pull over to the shoulder (nigga)
Cause i'm a roller and a rider
Sitting on chrome 22s them spinning chicken exciters
You know how hoes do when they see brand new shoes
Used twenties nigga just won't do
It feels good when you're broke and they just want you
It feels better with the cheddar in a v-1-2
I'm red-letter so that makes a nigga better
Before you start bumping that shit you better get your shit together (nigga)
Don't wanna hear 'bout what yo ass ain't got
I drop bombs that'll rock your whole block my nigga

Verse 3

Never trust no one no ho ones no niggas no pals
On my own shit cause these wack niggas are foul
Gotta watch 'em
Everybody's scheming so i gotta blotch 'em
9mms niggas don't gotta cock 'em
See my copping this rocket to fame
Wading through these cloudy rowdy niggas blocking my aim
See i came from the gutter the dark
A nigga never stutter, cause i spit it straight from the heart (yo)
And i ain't got time for jokers
Gotta stay on my grind man, try to keep my focus
In this fast life
Gotta get it done before it's past life
Times like these, make me wanna blast these ass wipes
And take 'em to another level
Then torch 'em leave their noses swollen like geppetto
Because this shit ain't settled