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Cryptal Darkness

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Date de parution : 15/08/2009

Durée : 0:09:01

Style : Rock

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(music: mark kelson and oneil alexander)
(lyrics: mark kelson)

For darkness fills thy soul with such anguish such pain
I lack understanding of my torment
To die is my only salvation
From this life this emptiness i long for solitude
But my heart is black
Black with hate and a feeling of loss

Save me i call to you for you are the darkness
My only happiness my only love
I dream of the shadows as they fill me with life
Why cant this be so a dream so far
So very far away this ache is so strong

"as you departed so did my soul
In the place that you once lay
Is an emptiness filled by pain
Your spring sent once so sweet
Now leaves me with a bitter smell
The tranquillity that once consumed me
Is now over come by loss in this garden
I become stone as a dream of beauty and desire is lost. . ."

Why am i so alone i cant feel this way
I?m so alone cant you wont you take me away. . .

Take me make me yours
Soothe me the way only you could
I live in vain for without you i am nothing
Sweet darkness take me into your shadows
Tears they fall as the night it calls
Help me find my self i don't know who i am
In this garden i become stone
As a dream of beauty and desire is lost. . .

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