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Malik Md7

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400 years over slept,
Searching for the times, so i turn to the ref
And he seems to think there's only two years left
Wait 2013; catch a new year's breath (good morning)

I've paranoid when i'm all alone
They got me watching what i say when i hold the phone
Now i cautious down to my last chromosome
Kill illuminati i don't even eat toblerone

My bodies hooked up to a computer
My brain is connected to a wireless router
I'm searching for the truth, but it's misconstrued
Glued to youtube, getting more confused

Is it truth?

I sit very calm with a chip on my shoulder
Chip in my palm and my spiff's very strong
I need to go to bed, conspiracies and cheese is fuckin with my head


But i can't escape, i don't have a chance
Cause i still plugged into my avatar
When i'm asleep i write these songs in the night time
You don't believe me, read my palms, see my lifeline
The area that i'm in, capsule first chrome
Let the one without sin cast the first stone

Cause i've been black balled all my life
So i fuck who i want and say what i like
And i type what i think, i tweet what i feel
But it's hard to distinguish what's real

And in my wet dreams
I always welcome women with a good whock
Wake up wash my willy, wish them good luck
I got a little girl so i shouldn't say that
What goes around comes around asap
But daddy won't play that

That's how the world turns
But no dad deserves to get longed fish burnts
I'm still developing like a tadpole
That's why my haters never had goals
All they want to do is stop me climbing up the flag pole
They want to shoot me, turn my stomach into spag bol

Blaw blaw what a price to pay
I've watched man's gang bang their whole life away
And leave behind a baby mother with no help
The curse of giving birth before she gets to know herself

They say i don't release enough material
So here's a free download here you go
I'm still original every time you hear the flow
I still have black girls in my videos

I need to be free and escape
But don't know if i'm asleep or awake so i pinch my self
My soul full of love, but my talk is so raw
My brain is on drugs but my heart is so pure

A dream within a dream
For things aint always what it seems
Controlled by the images we see on our screens
Need more than two wives to see what it means
A dream within a dream
We need more than two wives to see what it means