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The Knockouts

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You tried to hold on tight, while i watched everyhing fall apart
You were always stuck on a worn out rhyme, when i wanted nothing at all
You wasted all those tears, cause i was never there
I feel like i'm being dragged to hell, i guess i never cared

Well i'm hell and gone from you, i've got one foot out of the door
Yeah i'm down and out but i'm sure you've heard it all before

Farewell, so long girl, i won't come back no more
I¥ll enjoy my sorrows, i'll drown the memories of you

You tried to ease your pain, but i guess i made it worse
You were always gonna swallow up my heart, you know i got there first
I wasted all my time, and now i'll let you go
Was this just heartsease for something sore, i guess we'll never know

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