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Myers Billie

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Did i hear you say
There's a real reason there for you to stay
Under your breath i hear your soft voice pray
That we'll still be friends
I hear you talking but you're just not makin' sense
I've been hopin' for a happy endin'
Now i know that there won't be any
Chorus: just a few words too many
In my head
A few words too many
In this bed
A few words too many
Left unsaid
I wish that we were strangers
We could start again, start again, all over...
A broken shadow falls across your face
As you hesitate
Trying to think of all the things you need to say
Better place the truth it lies at my feet
As you turn away
Sometimes silence has a way making peace
I've been hoping for a happy ending
Now i know that there won't be any
( chorus )
Bridge: staring at the ceiling
Wondering just what you're feeling
Was it me? or was it you?
What's the difference if i knew?
Maybe i wouldn't feel so empty if i hadn't heard...
( chorus )
Start all over again
Oooh...we could start again
We could start again
Round and round and round and round in my head
Wait a minute, what did you say?
Did i hear you say?

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