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Manhattan Transfer

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Met a gal in calico
Down in santa fe
Used to be her sunday beau
'til i rode away

Do i want her
Do i want her love? yes, siree
Will i win her
Will i win her love? wait and see

Workin' with the rodeo
Rode from town to town
Seen most every kinda gal
Every kind of gown

But who makes my heart sing
Yipee yi, yipee yo
My little gal in calico

I'll take my gal in calico
Down in santa fe
Guess i better let her know
That i feel this way

Is she waitin'?
(is she watin'?)
Aw, she'd better be
Am i hopin' to be ropin' her
(yes, siree)

Gonna quit the rodeo
Gonna settle down
Buy a bolt of calico
For a wedding gown

And will i fence her in
(yip yipee yi, yip yipee yo)
My little gal in calico

Little gal in calico
My little gal in calico
Yipee yi, yipee yo

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