Paroles de A girl like that

Colin Blunstone

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Date de parution : 02/04/2001

Durée : 0:04:05

Style : Rock

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A girl like that could always see
Right to the heart of everything i try to be
And when i'm down
And feeling flat
Then i need a girl like that

When i was young
Thought i could fly
I dreamed that one day
Maby i would touch the sky
But i've come down
She brought me back
And i need a girl like that

Thought i was strong

Thought i could make it on my own
Spend my days without love
Spend my nights alone
But life can play you tricks
Live can do you down
No way you're gona make it without love
That's the one thing that i've found

When you close your eyes
You start to dream
And before you know it
You have drifted far downstream
That's when you need someone
Help brings you back
It's when you need a girl like that

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