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Molly O'brien

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He looks at her and stares
Trembles at the words
Crosses his hands
Looks away while he cries
She says everything will be alright
And he says:

I can't get it out of my head
My life hasn't been too great lately
I would do anything to
Have a girl like you
I want you so bad
I'm not giving up on you
You're worth more than anything right now
But all i want is for you
To be happy and i mean that
With all my heart

She takes a deep breath
What a foolish girl she's been
Letting it slide for the longest time
When there's been a bigger part
In her life and she says:

I never meant to hurt you and
I don't know how to feel cuz
I've been so confused
But i know it can't be me and you
I hate to say it but it's the truth
It's what's for the best
And you know it too
It will be painful for me and you

She grabs his fisted hands
Looks at him and says:
"don't fight for a girl,
Who's not fighting for you"
And they say:

We've gone through a
Dark dark tunnel we
Need to find our way out
We're young and naive and we
Both disagree
The lies the hurt the broken my
Heart is split and open for one
Try to understand for i know these feelings
Will never leave my heart

She walks on the path
There's no turning back
With tears in her eyes
And he says to her:
"don't fight for a boy,
Who's not fighting for you"

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