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Damien Davis

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A good day to die

The brightness of the day has taken us all by suprize, the soldier looked in his
Bright green eyes and he said
Today, today is a good day to die

All along the battlefield they played the game of war, the biggest one they'd ever seen
Since all war's began
They'd never see another one and i talk about the dawn
Oh no, not with the brightness of this day.

Well, you would have thought at this late date that they would have learned since
Alexander of greece, that their many little games of war
Never brought them, not one of them a moments peace

But still the people are gathered from all their
Diffrent land's to play a brand new game, the stakes the highest yet
To bring about what jesus said in his many
Diffrent prophecies.
Ah yhe today today is a good day to die
Today to day is a good day to die.

The soldier dropped to his knee's
And he gave a sudden cry, knowing all too well
That his life was at its end,
The soldier looked across the black landscape and he said
Today today is a good day to die

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