Paroles de A guy like you

Lisa Germano

pochette album A guy like you
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Date de parution : 31/10/1994

Durée : 0:03:18

Style : Alternative

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I can't hear anything
You can yell, you can scream
I got my things to do anyway
Far from you

You are this baby
Pulls me down angry
I don't care anyhow
People just let me down
I just get angrier

You say that love is it
All of it, a bunch of shit
I'll ruin everything
Peace of mind, or a ring

What makes me angry
Just makes you sad
This should be easier
Maybe if i could hear

But i'll just get angrier
And close my eyes
And wish away
Hide it inside, nobody knows

I just get angrier
There's something you need me for
But i can't give anymore
I gave it all away
Less and less every day

What makes you crazy takes me there, too
I just expect it to
Trying to be a guy like you

Walk away
Nobody knows
I can't hear anything

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