Paroles de A hole to fill

Bob Geldof

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Date de parution : 14/11/2005

Durée : 0:05:05

Style : Pop

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Everybody's got a hole to fill
It doesn't matter if your name is jack or jill
Everybody's got a hole that they need filled

She wakes up
Still looking lost
And says what's the point of this
And i say not a lot
Still she gets up
And through her weary smile
She tries to find the strength
To carry on a while
Two days ago
She wrote away
To a mail order guru
Her postal sage
Who promised answers
By return of mail
Explaining why
Sometimes it seems
The world has failed
He wrote back

I left the pub last night
And i was just in time
To see them break my windows
And slash my tyres
I'm a liberal i thought
As i felt my anger rise
I was desperately searching
For my feminine side
But my feminine side
Was on her morning coffee break
I beat the shit out of one
And boy, i felt great
Hey bob, he said don't get annoyed
We all find different ways
To fill up the void
And i said yeah

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