Paroles de A house or maybe a boat

Hawksley Workman

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Date de parution : 08/11/2011

Durée : 0:04:02

Style : Rock

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I think i will find some wood and build a house or maybe a boat i
Don't know just a place to call my own so when i you come by to
Drink some wine there'll be a roof outside all night but i have
Never been so good with a hammer and nails so patience baby
Christmas may be miles away but that's the day i should be done so
Bring your kisses and a couple of clementines to go with the wine

And we'll keep the rind because the smell is just right at christmas
Time and then we'll join our voices there let nothing you dismay
Remember christ the savior was born on christmas day so come
Let's invite both our families to sing while the piano accompanies
Tonight don't worry about the dishes come beside me dear we'll
Kiss for the rest of the year if that's all right together we'll flow.

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