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Killing Heidi

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There's no inspiration
Just a pale transformation in the eyes
My worst enemy is hiding at my door
And where did your wings go?
Small place as mine

Well i can't catch her
Cause she's bitting at my ankles
And her wings are gone forever
Have you got twenty cents to buy some more?

I couldn't see, i could fall (x4)

By the time you read this i'll be fast asleep
And waking all the faces growing in me
Haven't been feeling human for a while now
Little teeth getting thinner and thinner every day

Well everything around me gets bigger and bigger
Elevating me, it's gone too far
But i fed it twenty cents
It was my call

I couldn't see, i could fall (x3)
I couldn't see... my fall (x3

Is this really what you want, is this what you planned?
Take a look inside your head and open up your hands
Did you know it would turn out this bad

If you did it this way?

I couldn't see, i could fall (x6)
I wouldn't know you'd go... you'd go

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