Paroles de A letter sung to friends

Jerry Jeff Walker

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Date de parution : 26/07/2005

Durée : 0:03:19

Style : Country

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Thank you for being beautiful in my time
That's something real to evaluate all my life
For the taste with which you choose and give your life to
You gave me in the forms of what you're into

You stand above the lifeless shells around me
And fill the emptiness that almost drowns me
As your gift of you and love finds me again, finds me again

The memories can show us the value of our time spent
And if you've no memories, your past has no existence
Ohh, we only need to live this life with fullness
With days remembered clear that hold their purpose

Devoid of wasting time with those who fake it
But rather find some truth and not forsake it
That'll come with time that's spent in love with friends, with friends

So my life is better sharing in your richness
And as i go on it calls me now don't you waste this
For we're a part of all that we retain of
The good and bad and how we make the use of

And what we were before becomes extended
In everyone we meet and how we spend it
As it all adds up to what becomes the depth
The depth of ourselves

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