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Date de parution : 02/05/2003

Durée : 0:05:01

Style : Alternative

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Stand alone

Dear mister complication
How could it come to this
You never wanted in
A cold breath of what it takes

I'll stand alone

Dear mister separation
You let it come to this
I tried to find a way out
So i could be let in

So i could show them all

Thick lines of separation
Dark pens to fill them in
So many borders
A cold breath of what it takes

Twenty years of killing time
You never knew was killing me
A response would aid to separate
Escape the page that holds me here

It's like the more that i whisper
The less i am heard
And the louder i scream
The more i'm ignored

So i could show you

I'll stand alone, i'll show them all

So i could stander here

Dear mister complication
You let it come to this
Wrote this letter so i
Divide the two of us

So i could stand alone

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