Paroles de A lifetime or two

John Pizzarelli

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Date de parution : 22/02/2000

Durée : 0:02:34

Style : Jazz

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I've got a to do list, it's a nothing new list
Just the things i need to do today
Then you came and passed my way
And the things i'd like to do i'll say
I'd like a lifetime or two for playtime with you

I've got a lunch, i'm gonna lunchtime
Every springtime with you
So let's unpack that smile, wisecracking style
Batten down in manhattan town and ransack a while

Let's let our feelings fall as they may
Make this hour, our someday
We'll never leave the country, oh, we'll just stay inside
No need to worry, we've got a great place to hide

Where we could turn off the phone, go it alone
Then hijack your hatchback and get accident prone
Baby in the meantime, nothing but serene time
For no one but you in this lifetime would do

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