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Of joys, the unweighed.
Of skins, the unflayed.

Of stories, the incomprehensible.
Of suggestions, the indispensible.

Of youths, the new.
Of others, the true.

Of orgasms, the uncoordinated.
Of enmities, the reciprocated.

Of abodes, the impermanent.
Of partings, the uncelebrated.

Of arts, the unexploitable.
Of teachers, the forgettable.

Of pleasures, the unsurreptitious.
Of aims, the adventitious.

Of enemies, the delicate.
Of friends, the unsophisticate.

Of greens, the emerald.
Of messages, the herald.

Of the elements, fire.
Of the gods, the fewer.

Of the stricken, the deferential.
Of the seasons, the torrential.

Of lives, the lucid.
Of deaths, the rapid.

Of deaths, the rapid.
Of deaths, the rapid.

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