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Neisha Dunn

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Date de parution : 05/05/2012

Durée : 0:02:51

Style : Pop

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Stand there,
Sinking slowly underneath the ocean tide.
She's leaving all her worries far behind her,
For just tonight.
And secretly, that's all she needs.
The thousandth time's the charm-
It's so alarming when they up and walk away.

Boy, if they're not blind they must be stupid.
So confusing, but she's thanking god that tomorrow's a new day.

She's a little bit lonely,
And in between.
I'm hoping she'll stop running away.
Someday she'll say to me,
"i've got a thousand reasons to stay"

Teardrops falling slowly,
Steady flowing from her eyes.
And as the world is growing darker,
She moves further down the line.

Truthfully, she's always been a girl who's shoved aside.
It's traumatizing, but it happens everyday.
Try so hard to speak up,
But it comes out as a sqeak that noone ever hears,
She needs someone to say.


We're all a little stuck,
A little rough.
A little bit useless at some time.
A little bit out of our minds.
A little lost,
A little scared.
A little naive and unaware,
A little bit a little afraid to commit,
A little bit.

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