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Harry Manx

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Date de parution : 23/01/2007

Durée : 0:04:15

Style : Blues

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Standing in the pouring rain,
Watching the house burn down.
All those dreams gone up in flames
Wrapped in the arms of friends gathered round

Once you were showered with pearls
You'd hung gold from your ear
But every day's another day
Had the chance and lost it here

This day shone so bright
As morning rose
Came down like thunder
A little cruel as these things go

Still water runs so deep, so much time for your goals
Wipe those black tears running down your face
From eyes penciled in with kohl

Sure you might find yourself, impoverished of soul
Trying to sort it all ain't easy,
Looking out at nowhere left to go

The highway rolls before you now,
Twilight drawing near
Washed out blue sky fading fast,
Roadside bars are pumping beer

Talk about your destiny, you can watch it unfurl
Stopped just shy of giving up,
Like fallen prey in a lonely world.

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