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I might have been a little drunk
When i told your mama just what i thunk
About the way she lost her hair,
And how little was still there.

And when your daddy sent me home
For the way i kept goin on and on
About your grandma's lazy eye,
And how i thought that she was high.

I hope your brother understands
That when i said his wife was one hansome man.
Well, it's really what i thought.
I guess that eyebrow threw me off.

I didn't mean to start that fight
With your sister on her wedding night.
I should've found another way, another way to say
How she didn't look quite as fat that day.

Sometimes i get a little drunk
And get to sayin' just what i thunk.
My brain can get kinda lazy
While my mouth is runnin crazy.
What i really meant to say
Didn't seem to come out quite that way.
I ain't the smoothest talkin' man with a beer in my hand
But i do the best i can.

Don't go handin' me no big 'ole drink
Unless you're interested in what i think.
I can't control my attitude, the things i say or do.
I've got to share my inebriated point of view.

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