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David Ford

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Date de parution : 11/04/2006

Durée : 0:03:01

Style : Rock

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Clouds on the moon, it was a hollywood sky
I sat on the wall 'til your parents drove by
And i walked to your door
And remember how you smiled
Well, that was a long time ago

Your fault or mine, it's such a tough one to call
Do you one day look up to see your innocence fall
From a twelve storey window to the concrete below?
It was all such a long time ago

Now your path and mine, they never seem to converge
And now sat here in god-knows-where with a mouthful of words
Well, they just sound like noises if you say them enough
It was all such a long time ago

Now was it though?

In some underground saloon
Where you can always get a drink
There's a girl by the cigarette machine
And i think i'll strike up a conversation
But i wouldn't know how
Doesn't seem such a good idea now

With the clouds on the moon, another hollywood sky
It's time i dragged myself home and to wonder just why
I still think of you now only as you were then
It was all such a long time ago

Now was it though?

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