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Jerry Leger

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I'm the keeper of your lightless hours
Hands on the writer composing your mind
A push of the button will bring you the day
Hear the devil's nurse turn to you and say
"have mercy on the girl in shades
Kneeling on the ground spelling out your name
Her belly full of poems
And the pros are all mine
You're the con that navigates my life
A long way to nothing
No lovely way to die
When there's no freedom
There's no freedom, there's no freedom
Model the young man who dares to go alone
To a place where nothing's wrong
The suit suits a lot of men
With god approved jobs
But he don't want to point fingers and damage locks
A long way to nothing
Shaded moments to sigh
Swiftly along the triumpth
I know you'll buy
Man combs his back for the casual dates
With elegant girls who always state,
"he's so powerful
More than my last
But let us all see how the mornings pass"
In raindrops society fails
Governments hide money in their children's pails
And no one is laughing except for old man john
But he's been that way since his mind's been gone
A long way to nothing
Everyone for themselves
"you're a liar, you're so hated"
It doesn't get them where it hurts
And softly the washboard plays
"we shall be free"
But it's silly 'cause there's no freedom
There's no freedom, there's no freedom

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