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Lee Dorsey

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Date de parution : 18/11/2008

Durée : 0:02:54

Style : R&B/Soul

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When mom and papa first laid eyes
On me right from the start
They knew right away a lover was born
I'd be breakin' lovers' hearts
(breakin' lovers' hearts)

At a very early age, yeah, i began to show sign
That a stone cold lover was born
Lord, i'm gonna let it shine, yeah
(i'm gonna let it shine, yeah)

Girl, if i can't love you
A creole can't make gumbo
A drunken man don't stumble
A seein'-eye dog can't learn to lead the blind

A bee don't deal in honey
The beatles ain't got no money
And watermelons grow on a grapevine

One day my papa told me
Son, sit down, i gotta talk to you
Said, don't believe i can't understand
I've been through the same thing too

Said, you think you're pretty hot stuff
And you dig every girl you see
But listen, son, settle for one
It'll save a lotta misery in the long run

If that don't get it, sonny
There ain't no barks in a dog
There ain't no grunts in a hog
And you can get blood from a turnip
If you squeeze and squeeze

Tears don't go with the blues
Chicken wear high-heeled shoes
And old mcdonald's farm didn't have no trees

I'm gonna take my papa's advice
Though it's gonna be hard to do
I'm gonna stop tryin' to prove a point
I'm gonna give myself to you, girl

If i fail you, baby
Ain't no leaps in a frog
There ain't no bumps on a log
And you can get blood from a turnip
If you squeeze and squeeze

A moo cow don't give milk
A egg don't got no yolk
And apple cider pours right out of trees, yeah

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