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Father Einstein

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Lisa, forgive me, i had to call for help,
I couldnt stand still, watch you leaving on a jet.
Or break into a smile, as i whispered, so long,
To a plane bound for china beneath the setting sun,
Dont you still remember that night at the prom?

Lisa, my english rose, we couldnt fall asleep,
We made love through the night, laughing cheek to cheek.
We swore wed never come undone, until our final breadth,
Wed sail against the wind, together beyond death,
How can you just walk away? how can you forget?

Leave me floating on the breeze,
Like a yellow leaf in a winter wind,
With only..

Empty words to give away, to find a way to say,
I love you so very much, forever and a day.
Darling, close your eyes, find a way to see,
That life can still be magic if you stay, stay with me,
Life can still be magic, a magic fantasy.

Lisa, close your eyes, grow old, undress,
Go backwards to the day you left me in a mess.
And realise that life apart would never be worthwhile,
That every time you turn around youd see our missing child,
Come back into my arms lisa, make us both smile.

Dont leave me floating on the breeze,
Like a yellow leaf in a winter wind,
With only..

Repeat chorus

Arent you glad you didnt set foot on that plane?
And leave us both with only..

Repeat chorus

Last line
A magic fantasy.

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