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Idina Menzel

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Date de parution : 30/05/2014

Durée : 0:04:54

Style : Soundtrack

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Think of each plaza, pier, and public park
How many sit there empty, lonely, dark
Think of it, for tomorrow's sake
Think of how you and i can make our mark

You and i,
We can draw a brand-new grid
Everything that you dreamed of as a kid
Give it a year, and go with me
Soon enough, you'll say "look what we two did"

You've always had the right dream
We've always made a tight team
Now at last you're back,
Exactly where you ought to be
So let's make a map of new york you and me

(new yorker:)
Twenty-two reade, a building, sidewalk, shade

(another new yorker:)
Now a memory that for beth will never fade

And i could be planning city sites
Where memories just like this one might be made

Thirty-three bond,
Where i wrote my first book

Greenwich and moore,
Where i learned how to cook

(young woman:)
The center street courts
I intern there

The joy of this job is everywhere i look

That market was my first job

That diner was my worst job

(those six:)
And everywhere around me are these lives i left behind

The tunnel where i laid rail

The co-op where i made my first sale

(all eight:)
They make a map of new york in my mind

Put a sticker on the map where you landed that first day

Put a pin on the bridge

On the train

On j.f.k

On the street where i swore i'd afford a place some day

(kate, anne, lucas, & new yorkers:)
Ev'ry avenue and place,
Ev'ry building, ev'ry face
Of the lovers and the friends,
The beginnings and the ends
Make a map of nyc,
Where i've been and who i'll be
And you'll find me

And you're feeling adrift, alone, apart
Then suddenly life will somehow start
And a map of new york is written on your heart

(new yorkers:)
On your heart
On your heart

I'm too old for all that shit
To be told i'm selling out
Then again, all these years,
Did i lose what i'm about?
On the street, in the cold,
It's so hard to fight the doubt

(beth & new yorkers:)
Then you hear the tunnel hum
With a train about to come
And you surface to the street
And you fall into the beat
You can trace a line to me
On that map of nyc
Right where i should be

Think of how human life will ebb and flow

(stephen & beth:)
People, and how they'll come and how they'll go
Remember the things we hoped and planned

Remember them, and believe them, and you'll know

(beth & stephen:)
We'll know

(beth, stephen & new yorkers:)
We never walk a straight line
We never check a street sign

(beth & stephen:)
But it's in the detour that we truly find our way

(stephen & new yorkers:)
We always know the way home

(beth & new yorkers:)
As long as we can stay here we're home

And we make a map of work

(new yorkers:)
Love and loss and life

And we make a map of play

(new yorkers:)
We find our way

(stephen & new yorkers:)
And we make a map of new york ev'ry day

(new yorker:)
Ending the night at 23rd and third

(another new yorker:)
Liz and her date,
Who's hanging on every word

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