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(verse 1: bliss)
I got a message for the wicked before i lose transmission
Satellites, they might decode it, and then try to dismiss it
It's sad to say, the least, but most wouldn't listen
Call me liar, call me heathen, while they snatch up your (?)
You're not a human, you're just cattle, and roamin' the pen
Send you to the slaughterhouse; wise house, let us in
Partners in the brotherhood, you devils created sin
Use celebrities as gold caste to get you to worship them
Use the owl as your mascot, tryin' to find a way to pass god
But your powers wouldn't last long, corporate slaves to the cash crop
Bleed us to the last drop, then send us to the grass plot
Slowly, killing my seeds; steady bringin' disease; if not physically, then mentally
Playing to seize; not thirty-three, they take it to the ninety degrees
Death-wish to your flesh, it's a royal decree
British ain't a culture, it's a contract of man
Sell you all the lies in the world to kill off pakistan
Chimera's all in your vaccines to kill off your children
And bill gates thwarting the plan, while you pay for the mission
Fluoride is in the water, to keep you dumb and sterile
Same shit that's in prozac, our planet's in peril
They don't want a cure for cancer, they just want you to die
Think they care about us people? wake up, it's all a lie
The great deception and oppression, master-slave dialectics
Aliens divide and conquer, they just try to misdirect it
I'm reflecting on my path, cause it's a road less traveled
Just follow the money, and watch, the curtain unravel
Don't let the pagans fool you, cause they worship kabbalah
Popes don't follow the bible, they don't love god at all
The thirst for power's evil, the wolves in sheep's clothing
Revelations in real, cause they carrying out the notion
Genocide of the masses, it's us versus them
Pick up (?), check the georgia guide-stones, five-hundred million
It's not a conspiracy theory, it's written in blood
Sacrifices in the war-zones over oil and drugs
Except the altar's now a battlefield, covered in slugs
Next thing you know, the illness is on monkeys and bugs
They almost had us with the plague, but we had to survive
Funny how it was doctor nostradamus who prophesized
It ain't one, but many, anti-christs
Demons lurk on every channel; sell your soul to that device
And if you trust in god, then why's the pyramid on the dollar bill
And symbols on corporate logos and magic sigils
I see it all unfolding, thanks to inbred reptilians
This matrix is all fixed, to kill off civilians
And in the end, the devils will lose, just look for the clues
Be strong my brethren, and don't let them confuse you
You know who you should pray to
Spread the message worldwide, and know the true god will save you
Don't let them enslave you; you know who made you..

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