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English Frank

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Date de parution : 27/01/2014

Durée : 0:02:57

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Another cold night, i'm all alone i can't eat right,
Dreams of being locked up again, i can't sleep right,
Got me walking road on my js under the street light,
Asking myself 'why he had to die in that cheap fight?',
But, you can't cheat life, especially the street life,
It likes to smile up in your face and twist your ribs up with a knife,
Thinkin' the price of your life is worth the price of your ice,
So what's the price i play to roll number on the wrong dice,
We need to think twice, we need to think three or four times,
A poor man will spend his life saving for some three or four nines,
Just to stay stuck in the endz, committing more crimes,
Yeah i'm still stuck in the endz, and this is your times,
But, the way i see it, ain't shit changed,
Coz back in the day, the way that we're living's still the same,
I feel the blood in the rain, my best buddy is pain,
Me and him roll together everyday up in my brain,
If i could buy time, i'd rob a bank and buy my whole life,
But i can't, so i can't mind if it's time to die,
I've realised, so much, it's time for us to grow up,
Certain things i've seen with my eyes would make you throw up,
And certain things i've done myself have made me hate myself,
We need to realise globally that money ain't our wealth,
In the palms of the devil's hands we're all held,
Robbing and killing ourselves when will we realise it's hell that we're living in,
Politicians pushing penicillin by the millions as well as heroin
And telling us we're peddling,
Realise globally, we need to stay ahead of them,
In times of armageddon where your death bed gets trodden on,
Realise, stand up and look in your eyes,
Live wise and help another brother out with his life,
You'd make your mum so proud if you put your gun down,
It's nothing to pick up a book and pen and put down your knives,
I'm so sick of mandem fighting for pounds,
The queen's heads have gone to our heads,
For pennies man are putting man down,
And it gets me mad how some man are out now,
Popping champs' in a rave while their wifes on the dole,
Left at home with two kids to raise all on her own,
And she'll never raise enough to get a place of her own,
The world's all about money and money is the root to all evil,
Polluting our people, nobody's equal, money is lethal, don't let it lead you,
It will bleed you, and take your life from underneath you,
Mandem wanna beat you and murderers wanna greet you,
Leave you see-through and leave you sleeping with the sea-food,
Money's so deceitful please don't let it lead you,
Just be, true to yourself when you're dealing with wealth,
Buying diamonds can't help you or anyone else,
Just help the rich stay rich and help degrade ourselves,
We all need to wake up and start saving ourselves,
I'm, taking trips to prison, visiting mandem that are trapped in the system,
That won't listen to this wisdom i give them,
I told them don't give in but all they see is bloody visions,
The life they live won't allow them to picture better living,
It's got me sitting wishing, this life i live was different,
Instead of shady missions of making a man go missing,
I see my life flash before me when the thing goes whizzing,
I was raised into this system, i'm straight-up poverty driven,
Pump my fist in the skies, i won't tell a lie,
I won't tell a man i love him then wish, for his demise,
So fuck the man that wanna fuck me while i'm closing my eyes,
Sleep is the cousin of death so i don't sleep i just lie,
And rest my head, till the day i'm dead i'm one of a kind,
Them man they think they're something, they're nothing, them mandem are blind,
29 they're still rolling with fake friends on the line,
Thinking they're hard living at mummies yard, you're shook of the swine,
You're shook of my rhy. hehehe

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