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Date de parution : 01/01/1990

Durée : 0:04:19

Style : Alternative

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When the shadows washed away
I was painting larger ones
Larger than the canvases
The canvases i can't believe

And i can't understand when things turned gray
I'm not who i was in the morning
And there's a million reasons that i'd like you to stay
Tried to utter the words while you're falling

I run out the bedroom
Cause i can't really breathe
A recurrent fear of being tied down
And i would like to blame it on the artist in me
But there's no one there, so that's bullshit

I'm going through girls
And pushing through crowds
And she knows i'm looking for her
And i'm going through hell
Through the darkest sides of myself
I only want what i can't have

Run ahead
Don't wait up
Just run ahead
Don't wait up cause i'll follow you there
Follow you there
I'll follow you there
Follow the ocean
Follow you there
Follow the ocean
The road's not far way

I only want
I only want her today
I only want what i can't have
I only, i only want her today
I only want what i can't have

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