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It'somewhat Humanoid!

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A-movin on
Went to church to pray
Havin myself a good ol day
Went to school to learn
For great knowledge i do yearn
And all the rich kids were smokin down the street
I look down at my big ol feet
The big boys were always fightin
As a poet im always writin

I went down to the store
I had three dollars but i needed more
I went back to the house
I broke the news to my spouse
And all my babies are gonna starve tonight
How this works just doesnt seem right
Im a lover from a wise man
I am young but have a big plan

You keep on dreamin of america
Well, baby, keep on wishin on america
Were stuck in suburbia
So lets move to serbia
I know not what they say or do
I just know i wanna be with you

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