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John Frusciante

pochette album A name
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Date de parution : 11/02/2011

Durée : 0:02:03

Style : College Rock

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These don't have a name
I've been a fool to let it out that way
And it'll keep on coming back
A fool gets laughed at
And i'll go on and on and on
Letting it out when the feelings strong
I wonder who in the single thing
Made this night and this ugly dreams
These all pass away
It is clear that one can see through a day
And i may have met my match
Completely unattached
With noone noone noone
On whom to rely
Let's sing that song
Well i didn't read the last page
You thought og me at that final stage
Eenie meenie miny moe
It's about time
About time to go

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