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Pray always in jesus name; talk to him everyday
Hear what he has to say; take a moment to be still
And hell reveal his will for your life

Saints, accept his guiding hand because hes got a plan
You may not understand, but when you read his word
Best news youve ever heard; give you peace of mind

If gods people who are called by his name
Would humble themselves and seek his face
And if wed turn from our wicked ways
Then he would surely heal the land

Hes a wonder working god; knows all thats in your heart
Right from the very start, keeper of all men;
Put your trust in him, let your prayer begin
He will hear you when you call; restore you when you fall
No request too small; no matter where youve been
Hes willing to forgive; you can come to him

You should abide in christ and let his word abide in you
Ask what you will and know it shall be granted you
Call on the lord on one accord
Where two or three touch and agree
Aint no impossibility

We ought to tell the lord
Let the lord know how much we really need him
Humbly bow before him to entreat him
Find out through his word just what will please him
Cause aint no telling whatll happen when we seek him

Its just a natural thing when we call upon jesus name
Prayer should be a natural thing,
Coming from the heart into his dwelling
Its the only way to receive his blessings
Stay on our knees and keep travailing.

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