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Gino Vannelli

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Date de parution : 24/06/2012

Durée : 0:03:34

Style : Vocal

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And now that psychedelia's gone when the hell ya gonna face reality boy
We can't be that asinine to think that nineteen sixty nine was the way it should be

There's a new moon with an old shine
So it's time to open your heart as wide as you see
Sing a new song of mobility
Get a new fix for seventy six

And now whether our hair's short or long
The issue is not really if it's right or wrong
But as long as it's clean right
I've gotta realize that our new found philosophies
Were only synthesized in the delusion of a flowerchild scene

There's a new star in an old space
So it's time you open your soul and set yourself free
Sing a new song of totality
Get a new fix for seventy six

So we thought we were cool and free
But then our heroes blew their minds
With x and y's and lsd oh what a sin
Friend we gotta comprehend and we gotta learn from the past
And not dwell in it again and again and again

Hold one hand with time
And open your mind naturally
Sing a new song of vitality
Get a new fix for seventy six

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